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Bob Purkiss, President
Visiting Angels Lindsay, CA

Top-Rated Coding-Data Science School and Bootcamp

Price: $1,499,000

Cash Flow: $352,000

Total Sales: $1,750,000



Inventory: N/A


The Business has created a strong track record of success as a top-rated Coding and Data Science School & Bootcamp. The program has taken its commitment to education and technology that has been honed and developed over many years and turned it into high-quality Web Development and Data Science courses.  These courses are taught by industry leading professionals. The curriculum as well as the internally built learning management system create a well-structured environment providing students with a world class education and industry-ready skills to compete for jobs in the marketplace.

The Business philosophy of building real world projects is incorporated into its programs for students to gain a deep practical understanding of Web Development and Data Science.  The Business has worked to diversify its offering by adding a part-time web development program and a Data Science course within the last year and is currently working with colleges to white label its design curriculum.  The program has built a strong reputation in the industry by creating a compassionate, caring, and accountable environment allowing students to thrive in an environment that is rated the top in the nation according to Course Report reviews, a prominent industry publication.  

The program is a private school offering in-person education while also offering remote learning.

The Business has developed substantial IP.  Close to 1,500 development hours have been invested over the years to develop leading Learning Management, Content Management, Data Science Self-Paced Curriculum, and a Web Development Self-Paced Platform.

The company expects to produce close to $2MM in revenue in 2022 which would be a greater than 20% increase compared to 2021.  This is due largely to the popularity of the demand of its full immersion web development program with its in-person offering constituting greater than 70% of that revenue (versus the remote, online offering).  There remains a significant opportunity to increase the business dramatically with investments in the remote online full immersion offering, growing the data science curriculum, as well as launching a design program.

Company & Market Highlights

  • The business has demonstrated consistent revenue and profitability over the years.
  • The company is managed by the current majority owner as has been the case since its inception. The instructors have all had a lengthy tenure at the school and are largely responsible for managing the student body, curriculum and supporting platforms.
  • The school is fully licensed and has an exemplary record. The licensing requirement has served to create a barrier to entry in the marketplace allowing the Business to operate with no in-person private competition from like schools.
  • The company expects 2022 to be its largest year measured by revenue at close to $2MM with a net margin expected to be between 15% to 18% in 2022. The school’s reputation has resulted in a significant portion of the student body being referred to the program which has resulted in minimal outlay of online marketing spend.
  • The reputation of students securing employment coupled with the stellar reviews of the program has resulted in overall reputation that is unmatched in the industry.

Marketing Strategy & SWOT Analysis


  • Existence for 8+ years (reputation)
  • Student Reviews (high student ratings)
  • Instructors
  • Instructor/staff loyalty
  • Student to teach ratio (1:6/7)
  • Proprietary Learning Management System
  • LFZ Prep Course (Web Development)
  • Career Services Support (reputation)
  • Employer/Community connections
  • Curriculum delivery, organization and content
  • Culture/Instructional Environment


  • Full Immersion/Part Time UI/UX Program
  • Full Immersion Remote Expansion
  • College expansion
  • Obtaining Leads
  • Licensing Learning Management System
  • Web Development Services Outsourcing
  • Self-Paced online offering for both Data Science and Web Development
  • White Label Curriculum to colleges


  • Bootcamp size relative to national competition
  • Relative Marketing Budget Size
  • Student Admission Process Scaling
  • National Marketing Presence for remote program


  • Subpar Programs threatening Reputation of Industry
  • Programs with Misleading Marketing
  • Programs with Marginal Differentiation
  • Creative Financing (ISAs)
  • Ability of Programs to Compete Nationally through Remote Offerings 

The buyer will inherit:

  • A leading reputation in the educational sector. Over its many years in business, the Company has established a stellar reputation for candidness, superior curriculum, caring instructors and strong outcomes.
  • Potential for significant growth around several offerings. A new owner can bring fresh energy, enthusiasm, and investment of time to grow the business around several programs while relying on a strong, established base of business.  The business is poised for growth with the Data Science program, remote full immersion program, college initiative, self-paced programs and the soon to be launched design program.    
  • The business enjoys minimal debt and long term obligations. There are presently no legal issues and the program and is licensed to operate in the state. 
  • A cash-flow-positive operation. The business has been well managed to keep costs under control while working to grow revenue across offerings.
  • The school operates the in-person offering out of a facility that is state of the art.
  • Strong internal operational systems and processes that are well established including a learning management system as well as internal platforms to manage the self paced program and admissions process.

Opportunities for Growth

The Company has many opportunities to expand its product and service offerings.  The prime opportunity for this growth opportunity is in the remote or online web development program where there are minimal limitations on student class size with an opportunity to recruit outside of the geographic area.  Historically programming jobs have grown 16% year over year. 

In addition, LinkedIn and Microsoft recently released their estimation of the need for programmers at 89MM more by 2025 worldwide. This translates into 149MM additional total tech positions needed by that same time frame. The Business will be launching a self-paced program in web development that will be unique in the industry to attract a greater audience to the program and retain them within the Business system as they work to enter the program. 

The recently launched Data Science program is poised for growth as it continues to gain recognition in the marketplace.  The Business will soon be launching a self-paced program to increase attraction to the program as well as continue to improve SEO search results.

The school has recently begun to work with a major college to white label its design curriculum for that institution to be able to offer an online program that requires minimal instructor involvement.

Finally, the school plans to launch its Hybrid design program (both in-person and remote options) by early 2023.    

Providing these additional products has the potential to increase the company’s revenue and income significantly.  The expected revenue from the expansion has the potential to double sales volume in the next two to three years.      

The Market

According to IBISWorld, Operators in the Business Certification and IT Schools industry offer vocational and technical courses in training facilities or online.

Over the five years to 2021, operators have benefited from the changing roles of administrative assistants and IT professionals. However, they have also suffered from growing competition from other forms of higher education. To remain competitive, many industry operators have introduced online training programs and offered increasingly specialized courses. Consequently, over the past five years, industry revenue has increased at an estimated annualized rate of 2.1% to $3.0 billion in 2021, including 5.5% growth in 2021 alone as operators have successfully capitalized on the growing demand for IT-related training.

Over the next five years, the Business Certification and IT Schools industry is expected to continue benefiting from increased demand for medical and legal administration practitioners, especially education concerning data security. 

However, competition from universities and online learning platforms will likely persist and remain the biggest challenge for industry institutions. As the coronavirus pandemic is gradually contained, industry revenue is expected to strengthen, increasing at an annualized rate of 1.7% to $3.3 billion over the five years to 2026. 

Projected 2022 revenue: 2.0MM

Projected Cash Flow/SDE in 2022: 316K

Market Value of IP: Close to 1,500 Man hours of development

Total Sales: $1,750,000
Cash Flow: $352,000
Reason For Sale:


Square Footage: 8,159
Potential Growth:

Excellent growth

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Vasilis Georgiou

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