After having tried unsuccessfully to sell the business ourselves, we finally listed with Vasilis Georgiou. Our first inclination was to list with a local broker, but we chose to sign with Vasilis because of his familiarity and deep knowledge of the nature of the non-medical home care market. In a little over a month we had an offer and 5 months later the business sold…for the asking price. Vasilis was informative, honest, steady, professional and always supportive. He was also a great guide—letting us know when requests made in the Letter of Intent or Asset Purchase Agreement were unreasonable and also when our requests were unreasonable. But most of all, we considered Vasilis to be OUR advocate. Of course, he wanted a sale, but only if the terms were acceptable to us as sellers. We wholeheartedly recommend Crossroads Business Brokers and Vasilis Georgiou.