After spending some time in reflection, I decided to sell Candy Direct. I could not abandon my position at the helm of Candy Direct to negotiate with potential buyers, so I started to search for a business broker. I soo found that most plain vanilla business brokers were not trained to sell businesses of any significant size. Upon discovering this fact, I sought out the services of a professional intermediary with training and experience to handle my complicated transaction. Unfortunately, most professional intermediaries only work with businesses over 10 million in gross sales because the due diligence process is quite involved.

Fortunately, there are a small number of intermediaries who deal with transactions between 1 million and 10 million, including CrossRoads Business Brokers. When I met CrossRoads President Vasilis Georgiou, I was impressed with his thoughtful follow-up to my questions when compared to other certified intermediaries. Vasilis provided needed information in a subtle manner that was not overwhelming during the month it took me to make a decision. Vasilis possessed confidence without ego. His intelligence was impressive and education diverse. We advertised Candy Direct for sale in March and found a buyer by late April. We needed to turn down several competing buyers. The new owners are off to a strong start with great enthusiasm and energy. We enjoy an excellent working relationship as I explain how the business is run and they plan for growth.