Calculated Risk: Becoming a Franchise Entrepreneur

Author: Vasilis Georgiou CBI, M&AMI, CBB, MBA, CIRM

President of CrossRoads Business Brokers, Inc./Franchise Consultant at FranChoice

Becoming an entrepreneur is probably one of the most nerve-wracking endeavors any of us can undertake. Especially if it means leaving behind the relative certainty of a Corporate job that offers a regular paycheck, health benefits, and even that wonderful 401K matching contribution.

The fear of taking the leap into entrepreneurship is natural. There is real risk in putting your livelihood on the line, especially when you have family members depended on you to provide for their future. It is that step into the unknown that causes that fear, and it is the aversion to failure that fuels it. Yet, most of the wealth in America is not inherited wealth. It’s wealth built by folks who have taken that leap, who have believed that they can be their own boss, and in the process, have reinvented themselves by taking control of their destiny and going places they never imagined possible.

There is a countermeasure to that fear, and it has to do with 4 key elements: Self-awareness, Fact-finding, Preparation, Validation.
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